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Arcata Pet Animal List 02/1/15

No shipping, in-person sales only.

Below are animals for sale at Arcata Pet. As noted above, we do not ship animals; sorry, no exceptions, ever. If you are in Northwestern California you are welcome to come in and check out the current inventory. We do our best to keep this page up to date. All animals are Captive-Bred and we try to purchase from local breeders when possible

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Birds PRICE Other Info
Zebra Finches $14.99 Each Assorted Colors
Locally Bred
Pacific Parrotlets $169.99 Each Locally Bred
Parakeets $19.99 Each Assorted Colors
Small Animals PRICE
Teddy Bear Hamsters $14.99 Assorted Colors
Adoptable Cats / Kittens through CAF Age
Reptiles PRICE
Jeweled Lacerta $149.99
Captive Bred
Madagascar Giant Day Gecko (baby) $34.99
Bred/Hatched Here
Veiled Chameleon, Male $69.99 Captive Bred
Jackson Chameleon, Male $89.99 Locally Bred
Ocellated Uromastyx $149.99 Captive Bred
Bearded Dragon - Citrus Leather Back $77.99 Captive Bred
Baby 3"-5"
Bearded Dragon - Red $49.99 Captive Bred
Baby 3"-5"
Kenyan Sand Boa $49.99 Captive Bred
Ball Bythons $39.99 Captive Bred
Cornsnake Snow $43.69 Captive Bred
Baby 3"-5"
Nelson's Milksnake $86.89 Captive Bred
Amphibians PRICE
Bumblee Bee Arrow Frog
(Dendrobates leucomelas)
$53.99 Captive Bred
Pac Man Frog, Albino $36.69 Captive Bred
Pac Man Frog $29.99 Captive Bred
Arachnids / Misc PRICE
Tarantula, Salmon Pink Birdeater
(Lasiodora parahybana)
$39.99 Captive Bred
Tarantula, White Knee
(Acanthoscurria geniculata)
$42.69 Captive Bred
Tarantula, Curly Hair
(Brachypelma albopilosum)
$43.99 Captive Bred
Tarantula, Antilles Pink Toe
(Avicularia versicolor)
$59.99 Captive Bred
Tarantula,Guyana Pink Toe
(Avicularia avicularia)
$29.99 Captive Bred
Tarantula, Metalic Pink Toe
(Avicularia metallica)
$49.99 Captive Bred
Madagascar Hissing Cockroach $2.00 Captive Bred
Betta Veil Tailed $4.99 Captive Bred
Assorted Colors
Betta, Crown Tail $7.99 Captive Bred
Assorted Colors
Betta, Delta Tailed $8.99 Captive Bred
Assorted Colors
Betta, Double Tailed $8.99 Captive Bred
Assorted Colors
Betta, Elephant Ear Delta $21.99 Captive Bred
Assorted Colors

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