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Arcata Pet Animal List 04/30/17

No shipping, in-person sales only.

Below are animals for sale at Arcata Pet. As noted above, we do not ship animals; sorry, no exceptions, ever. If you are in Northwestern California you are welcome to come in and check out the current inventory. We do our best to keep this page up to date. All animals are Captive-Bred and we try to purchase from local breeders when possible

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Birds PRICE Other Info
Parakeets $19.99 Each Assorted Colors
Zebra Finch $14.99 Each Assorted Colors
Local Bred
Society Finches $19.99 Each Assorted Colors
Small Animals PRICE
Other Info
Young Hooded Rats $9.99 Locally Bred
Reptiles PRICE
Other Info
Ball Python, Yellow Bellied $54.99 Captive Bred
Kochs's Day Geckos $52.99 Captive Bred
Veiled Chameleon $75.99 Captive Bred
Panther Chameleon $149.99 Captive Bred

Bearded Dragon $74.99 Leather Back
Captive Bred
Leopard Gecko $74.99 High Yellow Carrot Tail
Captive Bred
Ball Python, Super Pastel $149.99 Captive Bred
Rosy Boa, San Matias $129.99 Captive Bred
Kingsnake, Grey Banded $138.99 Captive Bred
Pueblan Milksnake $69.99 Captive Bred
Amphibians PRICE
Other Info
Pac Man Frog, Albino $34.39
Captive Bred
Pixie Frog, Giant South African $44.99
Captive Bred
Whites Tree Frog $24.99 Captive Bred
Arachnids / Misc PRICE
Other Info
Tarantula, Singapore Blue
(Lampropelma violaceopes)
$78.99 Captive Bred
Tarantula, Red Rump
(Brachypelma vagans)
$45.69 Captive Bred
Tarantula, Chilean Rose Hair
(Grammostola rosea)
$19.99 Captive Bred
Tarantula, Mexican Red Knee
(Brachypelma smithi)
$49.99 Captive Bred
Tarantula, Curly Hair
(Brachypelma albopilosum)
$49.99 Captive Bred
Tarantula Brazilian Blue
(Pterinopelma sasimai)
$69.99 Captive Bred
Tarantula Pink Toe Metallic
Avicularia metallica
$39.99 Captive Bred
Tarantula Pink Toe Venezuelan Slate Red
Avicularia minatrix
$79.99 Captive Bred
Madagascar Hissing Cockroach $1.49 Locally Bred
Fish -- Selection may vary PRICE
Other Info
Betta Veil Tailed Captive Bred
Assorted Colors
Betta, Crown Tail Captive Bred
Assorted Colors
Betta, Delta Tailed Captive Bred
Assorted Colors
Betta, Double Tailed Captive Bred
Assorted Colors
Betta, Koi Captive Bred
Assorted Colors
Betta, Mustard Gas Captive Bred
Assorted Colors
Arcata Pet also sells Feeders Size
Other Info
Crickets Medium
Crickets Large
Dubia Roaches Medium/Large
Mealworms King
Goliath Worms (aka Horn Worms)
Flightless Fruit Fly Cultures
(D. melanogaster)
Flightless Fruit Fly Cultures
(D. hydei)
Mice Assorted Sizes FROZEN ONLY
Rats Assorted Sizes FROZEN ONLY

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