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Lectro Thermo-Perch Heated Bird Perch Large

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Lectro Thermo-Perch Heated Bird Perch Large
Thermo-Perch Now Available!!
  • Protect exotic birds from the harmful effects of air conditioning and cold drafts.
  • Thermostatically controlled to an optimum body temperature.
  • Made of sturdy scratch and bite resistant non-toxic plastic
  • . Uses harmless, 12-volt, low voltage electricity to heat the perch.
  • Safe, consistent source of warmth, stabilizes the bird's environment.
  • The steel wire wrapped cord is safely positioned away from the cage.
  • Reduces avian stress.
  • Attaches easily to wire cages.
  • Irregular shape reduces foot cramping and pressure sores.
  • Available in three sizes.
Large Thermo-Perch is 15-1/2 inches long by 2-inches in diameter at its widest point.

The Thermo-Perch solves the problem of providing consistent warmth for exotic birds in their cages, protecting them from the hazards and discomforts of air conditioning and cold drafts. Cold is a major contributor to health problems for birds, and providing warmth is the first step veterinarians turn to.

Exotic birds have a body temperature that ranges between 104 degrees F and 106 degrees F. The Thermo-Perch is thermostatically controlled to help them safely regulate their body temperature. This allows the bird to pick the spot that provides the warmth it needs. This safe, consistent source of warmth stabilizes the bird's environment and contributes to the bird's overall health and helps reduce avaian stress.

Made of scratch and bite-resistant plastic, the Thermo-Perch attaches easily to wire cages. The cord is protected with steel wire and is positioned away from the cage.

From K & H Manufacturing

This product is intended for use in the United States using 110V Current. It is not suggested for use by our foreign customers as damage may occur to the product.

Manufacturer: K&H Manufacturing
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Lectro Thermo-Perch Heated Bird Perch Large
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