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Nektar-Plus Nectar Concentrate for Lories and Hummers 1500g

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Made in Germany
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Nektar-Plus Humm Nectar 1500g.
  • Complete diet for hummingbirds, sunbirds, small lorikeets, butterflies, and other nectar-eating animals
  • Powder concentrate, just mix with water
  • Successfully used in zoos, wildlife parks, and botanical gardens for decades

Nekton-Nektar-Plus is a complete and balanced diet for hummingbirds, sunbirds, and small lorikeets. It consists of all the necessary carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals these animals need to live full and healthy lives. Most of the protein in Nektar-Plus is in its already digested form, which is a requirement for nectar-eating birds. Nektar-Plus is in a convenient and stable powder form and is easily mixed with water. Nektar-Plus has been successfully used in zoos, botanical gardens, and wildlife parks for decades. It is the go-to preparation for hummingbird rehabbers as well.

Nekton-Nektar-Plus should be used with two of our othe products for optimal results. We recommend our Nectar-Feeder because it filters out light up to 520nm and prevents UV rays from damaging the delicate components of Nektar-Plus. The feeder is also sloped, allowing every last drop to be used; never feed Nektar-Plus in an open bowl, as it will contaminate birds' feathers. Ideally, Nektar-Plus should be made fresh twice daily, but this isn't very convenient for the bird keeper. Using our sterilizing agent Desi- Plus, Nektar-Plus will keep longer, allowing the birds to be fed only once a day. The method is simple, just soak your feeders and other animal feeding equipment in Desi-Plus for at least two hours, and drip dry (no wiping needed) to enjoy germ-free feeding equipment. Germ-free hummingbird feeders keep these beautiful birds from unnecessarily suffering from inflamed stomach or intestines, or fungus infections.

Be sure to read the enclosed literature that comes with Nektar-Plus, there is quite a bit of useful information for feeding other types of animals with Nektar-Plus, including butterflies!

Decades of use in zoos, wild-life rehabilitation facilities, and veterinary hospitals demonstrate a track record that is second to none in the pet industry. Nekton supplements set themselves apart from other offerings due to the quality of the raw materials used in their production and, more importantly, the proportion of these materials to one another in each product.

Guaranteed Analysis: (Minimum content per 1000 g) Crude protein min. 2.9%, crude fat min. 0.3%, crude fiber max 0.1%, Moisture max. 5.0% - vitamin A 12,000 I.U., vitamin D3 768 I.U., DL-alpha- tocopherol acetate 12,020 I.U., thiamine 7 mg, riboflavin 8 mg, D- pantothenic acid 6 mg, niacinamide 18 mg, vitamin B6 5 mg, folic acid 0.3 mg, vitamin B12 3,500 ug, ascorbic acid 60 mg, menadione 2 mg, biotin 69 ug, inositol 30 mg, choline 14 mg, Ca min 0.1%, P min 0.06%, Mg min 0.004%, K min 0.017%, Fe max 0.002%, Cu min 0.0005%, Mn min 0.0004%, Z min 0.0003%, F max 0.000019%.

Ingredients: Dextrose, fructose, surcose, bee pollen, soy protein isolate, L-glutamine, L-aspartic acid, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, artificial flavoring, L-glycine, L-leucine, L-lysine, L-alanine, L-arginine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, L-threonine, DL-methionine, L- phenylalanine, L-histidine, L-tyrosine, L-cystine, L-proline, sodium chloride, sodium glycerin phosphate, L-serine, calcium gluconate, L- tryptophan, safflower oil, potassium glycerophosphate, potassium chloride, ascorbic acid, magnesium sulfate, sorbic acid (preservative), inositol, (vitamin B complex), niacinamide, ferrous sulfate, choline hydrogen tartrate, DL-alpha-tocopherol acetate, vitamin A, riboflavin, thiamine hydrochloride, d-calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine, hydrochloride (vit. B6), manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate, menadione sodium bisulfite, vitamin D3, vitamin B12, folic acid, biotin. Preservative E200

PREPARING NEKTAR-PLUS offers you an extremely simple method of giving your bird an excellent substitute for nectar. Dosage: In Gram 13g NEKTAR-PLUS to 100ml lukewarm (30C) water In Millilitre 18ml NEKTAR-PLUS to 100ml lukewarm (30C) water OR 1 part NEKTARPLUS to 5.5 equal parts water A measuring beaker holding 30ml is enclosed with the 800g and 1500g jars of NEKTAR-PLUS for easy dosing. Slowly add the NEKTAR-PLUS powder to the lukewarm water stirring constantly to dissolve. Do notuse a mixer or whisk as this could destroy the vitamins. Important: Only absolutely germ-free water should be used to make up the NEKTAR-PLUS solution. This is particularly important in tropical and subtropical areas. If in doubt about the quality of the water, boil it first then allow to cool to lukewarm. A solution of 13g NEKTAR-PLUS to 100ml water is enough for the daily needs of 2-3 humming birds or sunbirds. Please note that an increase in the dose of NEKTAR-PLUS could lead to a deterioration in your bird's health in the long run.

Manufacturer: Nekton
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Nektar-Plus Nectar Concentrate for Lories and Hummers 1500g
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