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Nekton-Dog-H Canine Vitamin Supplement 30g (1oz)

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Made in Germany
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Nekton Dog H 30g. Biotin-Enriched Vitamin Supplement

One of the first indicators of a dog's health is the condition of its skin and coat. Nothing shows more clearly that something is wrong with your pet than when its skin is scaly and its coat dull and brittle. Of the active substances necessary to maintain the manifold functions of the skin and to produce a thick and shiny coat, Biotin is particularly important.

A lack of biotin can make a dog's coat dull, dry and brittle. The dog looks unkempt and shaggy and loses an unnatural amount of hair. There can also be changes in the skin like scaly dermatitis, eczema, skin irritation, scabs and pigmentation loss. Symptoms of a biotin deficiency common to all species are retarded growth and disturbances in the nervous system. Tiredness, loss of appetite and reduced fertility can all result from a biotin deficiency.

Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is part of numerous enzymatic systems in the body and is highly involved in the carbohydrate, fatty acid and protein metabolisms.

Although biotin is synthesized in a dog's intestine the amount is not sufficient. A biotin deficiency can also arise when antivitamins are present in the diet. For example, avidin, a protein of raw egg white, combines with dietary biotin and renders it unavailable to the body. Medical treatment with sulpha drugs and antibiotics can produce a biotin deficiency, too, and an excess of certain carbohydrates can reduce biotin synthesis. In view of the possible reduced availability of biotin to the body because of the above reasons, at least 80% of a dog's biotin requirements should be covered by specifically supplementing the diet with this vitamin.

If your veterinary has ruled out parasites or fungal infections as the reasons for the skin and coat disorders, NEKTON-DOG-H should be applied. NEKTON-DOG-H is particularly effective in counteracting unnatural hair loss, dull, brittle coats, skin defects and loss of appetite when these are due to a biotin deficiency, because the extra biotin content has been combined with a balance of other vital vitamins and mineral elements to enable the proper interaction of healthy ingredients. Click here for complete product details in PDF format.


Either crumble the daily dose into the dog's food or feed the tablet by hand. NEKTON-DOG-H tablets are tasty and are generally accepted by dogs without any trouble.
Recommended Daily Dose:

1/4 tablet daily for dogs up to 5 kilos (approx. 11 lb.) is quite enough.
1/2 tablet daily for dogs up to 10 kilos (approx. 22 lb.) body weight. Adjust accordingly for dogs of 10 kilos and above body weight. Each tablet weighs around 1/2 a gram.

Imported From Germany

Manufacturer: Nekton
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Nekton-Dog-H Canine Vitamin Supplement 30g (1oz)
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