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Carib Sea Instant AquariumTahitian Moon Black Sand 10-Lb.

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Carib Sea Tahitian Moon 10lb.

Carib Sea Tahitian Moon Instant Aquarium substrate is a technological marvel that makes setting up a new aquarium much easier than in years past. Instant aquarium substrates are easy to use and jump start the biological activity in new aquariums, which reduces stress on fish, eliminates new tank syndrome, and purifies tap water.

Tahitian Moon is a fine-grain (0.5 - 1mm) black sand that not only looks gorgeous, but contrasts nicely with brightly colored tropical fish. Completely safe and will not influence aquarium pH levels.

  • Each 10-Lb. bag will treat 10 gallons of water.
  • Each bag is complete with water conditioners that remove heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines, and ammonia.
  • Dormant bacteria accelerate the cycling process and combat "New Tank Syndrome."
  • No rinsing required!

Manufacturer: Carib sea
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Carib Sea Instant AquariumTahitian Moon Black Sand 10-Lb.
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