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Lory Life Powder Lory Food 3 pound Bag

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This item is no longer available, see below for details. Lory Life Powder Lory Food 3 pound Bag
Lory Life Dry 3 lb. Avico has been experiencing production issues for over a year now. We have not received a shipment from them since early 2013. We have a long history with the folks at Avico and we have hopes that they will one day be back in production, Until then, please check out our Lory Food category for a substitute diet for your bird

Used as a powdered dry diet for feeding all lories and lorikeets, Lory Life Powder from Avico is a natural product fortified with vitamins, minerals, and color enhancing pigments. Sprinkling on top of fresh fruit mixes is a favorite trick of softbill breeders. This powder has also been used successfully to supplement the diet of Fig parrots. Lory Life Powder is considered to have excellent palata'bility and introducing it to birds for the first time is usually not a problem. Feed in an open dish that is always kept in front of the lory; spoilage does not occur because the product is dry. In addition to Lory Life powder, it is advisable to also feed fresh fruit and Avico Lory Life Nectar to complete the bird's diet. 3 Lb. size comes in resealable plastic bag.

Manufacturer: Cuttlebone Plus
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Lory Life Powder Lory Food 3 pound Bag
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