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Running water in the
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Running water is a great decoration and can provide relaxing sound. The fountain at right is located on the front counter at Arcata Pet. The ceramics were thrown by a local Arcata Pet customer, but prior to this fancy unit we had a simple ceramic dog bowl with a pile of rocks for the water to cascade over.

So, what's the point of this? When you want to make your own fountain, the one thing you can't make is the pump. At Arcata Pet we've found an ideal pump, the Hagen power head 1000 (formerly called Mini-Pro), which is running the fountain shown. Just over 2 inches on a side, the pump draws only 4-1/2 watts yet pumps 80 gallons per hour at zero head pressure. Shut-off head is 18-22 inches, so the pump works best at 6-12 inches of pumping height.

Hagen designed the pump for small undergravel filters, but the design has many characteristics that are great for this application. The output takes 1/2-inch tubing, and the intake has slots only on the bottom so that water levels can be quite low.
Arcata Pet Fountain

Hagen Mini Pro

Mini Pro Intake

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Flexible Vinyl Tubing 1/2-inch inner diameter, per foot
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Tubing B 1/2 in, per ft

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