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Pictures taken during VB MVP Summit March 1-3, 2001. Page 1 of 5. Captions are included in the Alt tags for many thumbnails, viewable when your mouse is over the thumbnail. Individuals are in some cases only identified the first time they appear. If you spot someone you know but who isn't identified, please let me know and I may update it. These images are 1024x768, and have in some cases been edited. Original raw camera images (1600x1200, about 500K each) are available on request. If you want one, send the file name (same one used here) to Don Bradner. Click here for a couple of pages of mug shots of MVPs in attendance as well as a few other people you may know. Some more photos by Dick Grier are here.

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Ray Mercer, Karl Peterson, Kathleen Joeris   Ray Mercer   Kathleen Joeris, with Karl answering newsgroup messages.   Karl Peterson   Kathleen describes the United
terminal falling down around her in the earthquake.
    Mike Iem is
second from left   Phil Weber and Carsten
Thomsen   Ari Bixhorn
Meg McCrorie discusses
details with Mike Iem   Connie Sullivan with Kathleen   Karl Peterson, Dick Grier,
Zane Thomas and Bryan Stafford   Bryan Stafford and Jim Mack   Randy Birch

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