VBITS99 - Pictures

Panorama at
Twin Peaks: Mike Schinkel, Michael Amundsen, Steele Price, Jonny Anderson, Ed Woodrick,
Vincent Rithner, Don Kiely, Robert Scoble, Allan Colby, Bill Coleman, Dave Quigley,
Yukiko Ito, Robert Brisson, Jennifer, David McCarter, Bob O'Brien, Rocky Lhotka, Andrew
Brust, Gareth Thomas, Kevin Dorff, Karen Jaskolka, Michael Gilbert, Jennifer and David

Pictures taken during SF VBITS99 March 1-6, 1999. Page 1 of 8. Captions are included in the Alt tags for the thumbnails, so you should be able to see them by pausing your mouse over a picture. If you spot someone who you know but who isn't identified, please let me know and I will update it.

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Johnson isn't awake yet   Karl Peterson
is happy to see everybody as he arrives for VBITS. Photo by LJ Johnson   Zane Thomas,
Woody Pewitt, and Karl Peterson   Dan Appleman
and LJ Johnson discuss structured storage   Don Dugdale,
Matthew Curland and Patrick Meader
Brien Witkowski   Party goers
try their luck at craps   Chowing down
at the Pre-Conference VIP party   LJ Johnson, 
Robert Scoble, Bill Storage, and Bill's wife Laura   VBITS awards
Zane Thomas
accepts an award for Mabry Software  Another award
recipient   And another   An award
is accepted by FMS prez Luke Chung   Jeff Hadfield,
Luke Chung and Jim Fawcette  

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