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Pawbreakers! All-Natural Catnip Edible Ball Cat Toy Treat

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Pawbreakers! All-Natural Catnip Edible Ball Cat Toy Treat
What's a Pawbreaker? "Pawbreakers! The Candy for Cats" is an all natural, healthy, safe and fun toy ball and treat rolled into one- a purrrfect combination. Pawbreakers are the catnip equivalent of a 'Jawbreaker' for cats (without the sugar)! Pawbreakers are a unique, solid ball of top-quality catnip, specially combined with a human-grade binding agent to make a tasty toy that can be chased and eaten by your cat with almost no mess! Watch the excitement as your cat goes crazy for Pawbreakers!

100% Edible-100% Natural-100% FUN! Pawbreakers are an EDIBLE TOY and TREAT! .

What's in it? The secret recipe is 100% natural and uses only pure, fresh catnip and human-grade ingredients that are healthy for your cat! Pawbreakers do not contain sugar or any other unwanted ingredients. We call it 'candy' because it's such a treat for the kitties.

Pawbreakers lock in the flavor! - Any fragrant substance (herbs, spices, coffee etc.) will lose their smell if left open in the air especially in hot, humid or bright/sunlit conditions. Pawbreakers are specially made to lock in the flavor. Every time your kitty chews or scratches on their Pawbreaker, they are releasing the fresh aroma locked in every bite of a Pawbreaker. A plain old box of catnip, or catnip stuffed in a fabric pouch will lose much of its aroma (if it hasn't already before you bought it). While it may still work, its just doesn't stay as fresh as a Pawbreaker. Pawbreakers are also packaged freshly in its own zip lock baggie.

Pawbreakers are an EDIBLE toy! There's simply nothing else like it! Would you like someone to wrap up your favorite food in something you can never open or eat?! Of course not! Its no wonder so many cats get frustrated with other catnip toys that end up sitting in the corner. Not only do they go stale, but they can't eat them anyway! With Pawbreakers, your kitty can PLAY with his catnip AND EAT it too!

Pawbreakers provide mental and physical health benefits.

  • They help keep your kitties frisky! The combination of the powerful aroma and an interactive/edible toy help to perk most kitties up and make them happy and more active. Every time they bite into it, even more of the natural aroma is released, making them even more interested.
  • Provides Nutrients! The high-quality catnip used in Pawbreakers naturally provides vitamins and minerals including: Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Protein, Selenium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, multiple B vitamins and more!
  • Aids in digestion! - Pawbreakers can help some kitties with stomach upset and gas.
  • Provides fiber - Helps keep things moving along, including furballs.
  • Exercise and Stress Relief! - Pawbreakers help to provide exercise and relieve stress by providing both interactive play, and edible catnip at the same time. NO other toy on the market is quite like Pawbreakers. Pawbreakers are soft enough to be easily chewable and edible, yet tough enough to take even the roughest cat for days even weeks full of fun.

Tub Time Your cat may not be incredibly fond of her time in the tub, but a dry bathtub and a Pawbreaker can be the recipe for a whole lot of fun! The curved edges of many bathtubs can provide non-stop movement and fun as your cat leaps and pounces to catch this tantalizing treat!

Fishin' for Fun Use Pawbreakers to engage your cat in active play! Simply drill a hole in your Pawbreaker, and thread it on a string. Then toss it out to your pet. Pull the string in slowly and watch your cat go bonkers as she scampers and pounces on the tasty treat! This is a great way to revitalize old 'fishing pole' type toys that have worn out or lost their appeal!

Aroma Therapy Invigorate an old toy or scratching post by rubbing it with the Pawbreaker!

Lose your Marbles! That's what will happen to you and your cat, if you put down a bunch of Pawbreakers at once! (And if you don't really want him to lose his 'marbles' put them all in a big box and let the fun begin!)

Ingredients: Catnip, All-Natural Human-Grade Binders. Nothing artificial - no colors, flavors or preservatives. Safe for Vegetarian Diets-no Soy or Gluten

From E.A.T.s - Edible Animal Treats

Weight-1/2 oz
Size: 1.25 inches

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Manufacturer: E.A.T.s
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Pawbreakers! All-Natural Catnip Edible Ball Cat Toy Treat
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