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Pimafix Antifungal Antibiotic Aquarium Fish Remedy 8-oz.

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Pimafix Antifungal Antibiotic Aquarium Fish Remedy 8-oz.

If you have a fish that is sick with a fungal infection, you might want to try API Pimafix Fresh and Saltwater Fish Remedy. This is a liquid medicine that you can add to your aquarium water to treat the infection. This medicine has many benefits for your fish, such as:

  • It targets only the harmful fungi and leaves the beneficial bacteria untouched, so it does not affect the biological filter or the water quality.
  • It uses multiple antifungal agents to fight the infection effectively and prevent resistance.
  • It is safe for all species of fresh and saltwater fish, as well as invertebrates and live plants.
  • It does not change the color of the water or stain the ornaments.

You can find more information about this product on the manufacturer's website. This product is a great way to help your fish recover from a fungal infection and keep your aquarium healthy. Your fish will appreciate this remedy!

Manufacturer: Aquar Pharmaceut
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Pimafix Antifungal Antibiotic Aquarium Fish Remedy 8-oz.
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