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Dennerle NPK Booster Macro Fertilizer for Plants 100ml

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Dennerle NPK Booster Macro Fertilizer for Plants 100ml Click for larger image

Dennerle's NPK Booster is a macro fertilizer designed for use in planted tanks with little to no fish. When fish are present in planted aquariums, nitrate and phosphate are introduced to the aquarium via fish food. Because aquascaping tanks with low to no fish populations don't replenish these items, they can be depleted rapidly due to a number of factors including: lush plant growth, CO2 fertilization, high light, frequent partial water changes, and dense planting.

Use in combination with Dennerle's Dosator, V30 Complete, E15 FerActiv, and S7 VitaMix for the absolute best results. Don't forget about the CO2 - the most important plant nutrient you can provide - whether using gas or a liquid carbon supplement it's essential!

Manufacturer: Dennerle
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Dennerle NPK Booster Macro Fertilizer for Plants 100ml
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