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Lafeber Parrot Pellet 5Lb

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A bird shall not live on seed alone, which is why you need to feed your feathered friend Lafeber Premium Daily Diet Parrot Bird Food. There's no doubt that Amazons, African Greys and Pionus love high-fat seeds and nuts, but a wild bird also spends her day busily foraging for local fruits, flowers and other plant matter, as well as insects and worms, all of which supplement her diet with essential vitamins, mineral and proteins. Lafeber's Premium Pellets take the guesswork out of offering your bird complete and balanced nutrition with a veterinarian-developed, independently tested formula that's designed to offer your birdie buddy everything she needs to thrive inside and out.

Key Benefits

  • Pelleted diet is made with a high-quality blend of natural ingredients like ground non-GMO corn, soybean meal, oat groats and whole egg–the most digestive form of protein.
  • Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids promote healthy skin and feathers, while essential chelated minerals are quickly absorbed for maximum benefit.
  • Made and hand-packed in the USA on the Lafeber farm using sulfite-free vegetables; naturally flavored and preserved.
  • Veterinarian developed to deliver exceptional nutrition; can be served as a complete diet or offered in combination with a seed blend, millet spray or fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Independently tested to ensure quality and nutrition you can trust; contains no artificial food colors or dyes.

Manufacturer: Lafeber
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Lafeber Parrot Pellet 5Lb
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