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FritzZyme 9 SW 8oz

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FritzZyme 9 SW 8oz

This aquarium additive helps to greatly reduce the amount of time the tank will need to cycle properly. To avoid "New Tank Syndrome", the addition of livestock into an aquarium requires the tank to be fully cycled - meaning the toxic levels of ammonia and nitrite that are present in new tanks is diminished. If you are looking to add fish to your aquarium and don't want to wait, this is the product for you! This live bacteria does not need to be refrigerated to be effective. It helps to establish and maintain a healthy biofilter, which comes with most autofilters. FritzZyme 9 for saltwater contains live Nitrosoccocus and Nitrococcus (nitrifying bacteria).

Price is for one 8 oz. bottle

Manufacturer: Fritz Industries
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FritzZyme 9 SW 8oz
UPC: 080531802038
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