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Coralife Marine Filter with protein skimmer 30g

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Coralife Marine Filter with protein skimmer 30g

The 30 gallon Coralife Marine Filter with Protein Skimmer is specially designed as a tool for removing organic waste and food particles from saltwater environments without disturbing the marine life within the aquarium. Using state-of-the-art protein skimming technology, this filter is able to attract and remove significantly more organic matter than a traditional carbon cartridge alone.

The Coralife Marine Filter features a specialty media pad that removes excess phosphates from the tank, which leads to algae growth and traps food, waste and other organic materials.

Being equipped with a needle wheel impeller, the filter creates more bubbles than a standard pump while providing you with an adjustable air flow dial which accurately controls the rate of micro bubbles being produced in the tank.

The unit features multiple filtration layers which help to reduce the micro bubbles from entering the tank unnecessarily and disturbing the aquatic life. To make things even easier, all of the debris is collected in a single skimming cup for simple, hassle free removal.

Hang-on mounting, 8.5" wide x 5" front to back x 7.75" tall (not including the intake tube)

Manufacturer: Energy Savers Unlimited
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Coralife Marine Filter with protein skimmer 30g
UPC: 096316000278

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