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Foraging Surprise Enrichment Toy for Large Birds

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Foraging Surprise Enrichment Toy for Large Birds

Introducing the Foraging Surprise Bird Toy, a plastic device filled with hidden treasures that will stimulate your parrot's natural foraging instincts. This toy features multiple slots, encouraging your feathered friend to retrieve the concealed goodies within.

Easy to install on the side of the cage using the included universal mounting bracket, this device can be conveniently removed for routine cleaning or to refresh the contents.

The Foraging Surprise comes pre-filled with a variety of chew toys. Feel free to add your bird's favorite treats for an extra reward. This toy is a hit among Conures, Caiques, Senegals, Greys, Amazons, and indeed, parrots of all kinds seem to enjoy it.

Please note, the toys inside may vary, adding an element of surprise each time. The dimensions of the toy are 4" x 7".

Manufacturer: Caitec
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Foraging Surprise Enrichment Toy for Large Birds
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