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Fritz Algae Clean Out Aquarium Alagae Remedy 8oz

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Fritz Algae Clean Out Aquarium Alagae Remedy 8oz

Remove Excess Algae for a Healthier Aquarium

Keep your freshwater or saltwater aquarium free of unsightly and harmful algae with Fritz Algae Clean Out. Unlike other algaecides, this EPA-registered formula contains no copper, making it safe for fish and plants when used as directed.

Fritz Algae Clean Out targets the most common aquarium algae offenders:

  • string algae
  • blanketweed
  • green water caused by single-celled algae
. It clears out excess algae in aquariums, fountains and small ponds.

Before treatment, manually remove as much algae as possible. Then simply add the recommended dosage to a high-flow area. For example, use 6 drops per 10 gallons, 2.5 mL per 30 gallons, or 5 mL per 60 gallons. Repeat every three days until algae growth is under control.

For best results, turn off aquarium lights during treatment to inhibit algae growth. Perform a water change 1-2 days after adding the algaecide to remove excess nutrients released from dying algae. Continue testing water parameters.

Use Fritz Algae Clean Out as part of your regular aquarium maintenance for a healthier environment. With this concentrated formula, your aquascape can thrive algae-free.

Manufacturer: Fritz Industries
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Fritz Algae Clean Out Aquarium Alagae Remedy 8oz
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