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Flake Soil for Beetles and Isopods

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Flake Soil for Beetles and Isopods Click for larger image

Flake Soil is a nutritious food source for many detritivores such as millipedes, isopods, and beetle larvae. It's made of fermented hardwood oak saw dust. The fermentation breaks down lignin in the wood and makes cellulose readily available for your critters. The soil is then heat treated, dried, and packed locally in Humboldt County, CA.

The finished product should be rehydrated for use. Flake soil should slowly be added to enclosures containing beetle larvae to not shock them. This can be done by removing the top half of the larvae's substrate and replacing it with 100% flake soil.

For millipedes and isopods, the flake soil can be mixed in with current or new substrate. It should not make up more than 30% of their substrate.

One bag contains 32 volumetric ounces.

Flake Soil for Beetles and Isopods
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