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ThermalZoo ProT5 6%+ LED + Heat Reptile Fixture

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ThermalZoo ProT5 6%+ LED + Heat Reptile Fixture

Arcadia Reptile's ThermalZoo Pro is the fusion of Arcadia's latest heating and lighting technology, for your solar-powered critters! The ThermalZoo Pro T5 + LED + Heat features one 22-inch, 24w High Output T5 fixture, with a D3 Forest 6% UVB bulb and one Jungle Dawn 34w Full Spectrum LED Bar. In addition there are two 5-inch, Arcadia ceramic heat lamp bases, with domes. The heating domes are independently switched and plugged for maximum customization. Also, with the kit is an Arcadia 50w Deep Heat Projector as well as an Arcadia 100w Solar Basking Flood lamp.

ThermalZoo Pro hybird fixture label ThermalZoo Pro fixture with 4-point suspension kit

The ThermalZoo Pro is sleek, stylish, adaptable, hand-made, linkable, affordable, and future-proof. This kit features the following:

  • Includes one x ProT5 24-inch fixture, one x Jungle Dawn 34w LED Bar, and two x 5- inch ceramic-base heat domes
  • Includes one x D3 Forest 6% UVB High Output T5 bulb, one x 50watt Deep Heat Projector, and one x 100w Solar Basking Flood lamp
  • Hand-made fixture includes four-point, steel-wire hanging kit
  • Use with any Arcadia 24w High-Output T5 bulbs, such as D3+ 12% and D3 Dragon 14%
  • Use with any Arcadia heat emitter, up to 250w, such as Solar Basking Flood lamps, Solar Basking Spot lamps, Halogen Flood lamps, Deep Heat Projectors, and ceramic heaters
  • Fully customizable, Pro T5 fixtures can be easily swapped out for Jungle Dawn LED bars and vice versa
  • Fully-linkable, use the Arcadia Link Cable (not included) to link up to three ThermalZoo Pro fixtures, to one power source (heat domes are independently switched and plugged)
  • Easily change your UVB and visible light output by swapping different Arcadia D3 T5 bulbs, LED Bars, or ProT5 fixtures - future proof!
  • Easily change your heat and visible light output by swapping different Arcadia heat sources and wattages - future proof!
  • The modular and customizable nature of the ThermalZoo Pro means no matter how your lighting and heating needs change, you will always be able to meet them!
ThermalZoo Pro 
fixture measurements ThermalZoo Pro heat distribution chart and guide

Manufacturer: Arcadia Reptile
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ThermalZoo ProT5 6%+ LED + Heat Reptile Fixture
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