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Kordon Methylene Blue Fish Disease Preventative 4oz

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Kordon Methylene Blue Fish Disease Preventative 4oz

Looking for a safe and effective treatment for fungal infections in your fish? Kordon's Methylene Blue could be the solution. This trusted medication works as an alternative to Malachite Green, ideal for fish sensitive to that treatment.

Methylene Blue tackles stubborn superficial fungal infections on fish. Better yet, it's gentle and safe enough for use on fish eggs and fry, helping prevent the spread of fungus on vulnerable young fish. Beyond fungus, Methylene Blue also controls problematic external protozoans like Ich, Chilodonella and Costia.

A word of caution - Methylene Blue can permanently dye silicone aquarium seals blue. For that reason, it's best to administer treatment in a separate hospital tank. It also harms biological filtration, so ammonia and nitrite can spike during use. With some care and attention, though, Methylene Blue offers a versatile fungal and protozoan remedy for your freshwater fish.

Manufacturer: Kordon
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Kordon Methylene Blue Fish Disease Preventative 4oz
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