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Aquavitro Stainless Steel Soil Spade 12.5 inch

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Aquavitro Stainless Steel Soil Spade 12.5 inch

Aquavitro's soil spade is an essential tool for any aquarium owner. Crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel, its sturdy yet graceful design is ideal for aquascaping and maintenance.

Smooth out and turn over substrate with ease. The spade head glides through loose, lightweight materials like sand. It won't compress or disturb the layers as you shape sloping landscapes, mounds, and valleys.

Algae got you down? The soil spade doubles as an effective algae scraper. Gently run the flat edge along glass walls to dislodge and remove unsightly buildup without scratching or damaging the surface.

Discover the versatility of Aquavitro's soil spade. Whether you're an expert reefkeeper or a beginner with a planted freshwater tank, this thoughtfully designed tool will make aquarium care and decoration a breeze.

Manufacturer: SeaChem Laboratories
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Aquavitro Stainless Steel Soil Spade 12.5 inch
UPC: 000116768504
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