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Kent Marine Lugols Solution Reef Aquarium Supplement 1oz.

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Kent Marine Lugols Solution Reef Aquarium Supplement 1oz.

Immerse your reef aquarium in vibrant hues and robust health with Kent Marine Lugol's Solution. This iodide supplement nourishes marine life while promoting luxurious coral growth.

Lugol's Solution delivers a key micronutrient, supercharging your aquarium with benefits:

  • Vibrant colors and maximum expansion in coral polyps
  • Prevented bleaching in stony, soft, and leather corals
  • Improved health and coloration in fish and invertebrates
  • Optimized water flow when added to the sump weekly

The directions are simple: Add just 1 drop per 25 gallons each week to the sump or high-flow area. Alternatively, dilute in aquarium water and use a pipette or rigid tubing to target xenia or soft coral directly. Do not mix with other additives outside the tank.

To make a rejuvenating coral dip, mix 40 drops into 1 gallon of aquarium water. Immerse corals for 10-15 minutes of therapeutic soaking.

If overdosing occurs, use 1 drop of Kent Marine Ammonia Detox per 2 drops of excess Lugol's. Wait 24 hours before re-dosing Lugol's Solution.

Bring your underwater oasis to life with the vibrant nutrition of Lugol's Solution. This iodide supplement unlocks coral radiance and marine vitality.

Manufacturer: Kent Marine
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Kent Marine Lugols Solution Reef Aquarium Supplement 1oz.
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