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Frozen Brine Shrimp Cube 100gm

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Description is below picture. Frozen Brine Shrimp Cube 100gm

If you want to treat your fish with a natural and nutritious food, you might want to try Hikari USA Brine Shrimp Frozen Fish Food. This is a frozen food that contains live brine shrimp that have been harvested at their peak condition. Brine shrimp are rich in fatty acids and fiber that are beneficial for most freshwater and marine fish. They are also a tasty and digestible food that most fish will eagerly accept.

This product has many features that make it superior to other frozen foods, such as:

  • It is sterilized for safety, and free of harmful parasites, bacteria, and foul odor.
  • It is cleaned with a multi-step process that ensures the highest quality and freshness.
  • It is gut-loaded with bio-encapsulated multi-vitamins that provide better nutrition than live food.
  • It is frozen with a mega-power freezer that preserves the natural color, taste, and texture of the brine shrimp.
  • It is packed with hi-tech and automated machines that avoid pieces and parts that are common with other products.

This product is easy to use and convenient. It comes in "no touch" cubes that allow you to measure the feeding amount easily. You just need to thaw the cubes in a small amount of water and feed them to your fish. You can find more information about this product on the manufacturer's website.

This product is a great way to enhance your fish's health and happiness. You can order it online or find it at your local pet store. Your fish will love this food!

Manufacturer: Bay Brand
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Frozen Brine Shrimp Cube 100gm
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