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JellyFish Forage and Engage Medium Bird Toy

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JellyFish Forage and Engage Medium Bird Toy

Jellyfish Forage and Engage Medium Bird Toy is a toy that will stimulate and entertain your bird on all levels. It is a multi-sensory toy that encourages your bird to search, root, uncover, extract, and collect. You can also add special treats to this toy to make it more fun and rewarding for your bird. This toy is made of various materials that appeal to your bird’s senses and instincts. Some of the features of this toy are:

  • It has multicolor cotton and sisal rope that your bird can pluck and pull, satisfying its natural preening behavior and preventing feather plucking.
  • It has coconut shells and java wood that provide a rugged texture for your bird to exercise its beak and tongue, improving its oral health and strength.
  • It has wood blocks and plastic beads that add variety and challenge to your bird’s foraging and plucking activities, keeping it mentally stimulated and engaged.

This toy is 100% safe and non-toxic, with bird-safe chain, quick-link, and java wood. It measures approximately 17 inches high by 10 inches long and 4.5 inches wide. It is hand-made in Malaysia and can vary slightly in shape and size. It is suitable for medium to large birds. As always, supervise your bird at play and inspect the toy regularly for wear and tear. Order the Jellyfish Forage and Engage Medium Bird Toy today and give your bird a toy that it will love!

Manufacturer: Prevue Hendryx
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JellyFish Forage and Engage Medium Bird Toy
UPC: 048081626719
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