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Canophera XSmall Coffee Tree Wood Chew for Dogs

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Canophera XSmall Coffee Tree Wood Chew for Dogs

If you are looking for a natural and durable chew toy for your dog, you will love Canophera Coffee Tree Wood Chews for Dogs. These are handmade from the wood of the coffee plant, which is a sustainable and fair source of income for coffee farmers in Vietnam. These chews are:

  • Safe and healthy. They are free from animal and artificial ingredients, as well as additives. They are suitable for dogs with allergies and have zero calories. They do not splinter or break easily, and the fine wood fibers that come off are harmless and digestible.
  • Fun and satisfying. They provide independent activity over long periods of time, and help your dog exercise its jaw and teeth. They also create a sense of achievement for your dog as it wears down the chew.
  • Varied and adaptable. They come in different sizes to suit your dog’s weight and chewing vigor. You can choose the best one for your dog and watch it enjoy the chew for weeks.
  • XSmall size is ideal for dogs up to 11 lbs.

Order Canophera Coffee Tree Wood Chews for Dogs today and treat your dog to a natural and rewarding chew toy!

Manufacturer: Canophera
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Canophera XSmall Coffee Tree Wood Chew for Dogs
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