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ZooMed Snake Strip Under Tank Heater 10w

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ZooMed Snake Strip Under Tank Heater 10w

Warmth for your slithery friends. Zoo Med's slim Snake Strip Under Tank Heater is tailor-made for terrariums housing snakes and other reptiles. This narrow strip curves along the back wall of habitats 10 gallons or larger, providing gentle, targeted heat.

The streamlined design promotes proper thermoregulation, warming the rear portion of the enclosure to create an ideal thermal gradient for your cold-blooded companion. Unlike bulky under tank heaters, the Snake Strip concentrates heat in just the right spots, using an energy-efficient 10 watts.

The thin profile and strong adhesive allow the strip to stick directly to the glass for optimal heat transfer. Give your snake the comfortable, naturalistic heating it needs to thrive with Zoo Med's specialized Snake Strip Under Tank Heater.

Manufacturer: Zoo Med
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ZooMed Snake Strip Under Tank Heater 10w
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