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Aquavitro Tall Shrimp Dome Aquarium Decoration

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Aquavitro Tall Shrimp Dome Aquarium Decoration

Empower your shrimp to live happily and confidently with the aquavitro Shrimp Dome - a protective haven that reduces stress, supports recovery after molting, and offers crucial shelter during breeding cycles.

  • Stress Reduction: Provides a safe haven for shy shrimp to retreat, mitigating anxiety and boosting overall well-being
  • Post-Molting Care: Serves as a secure haven while your shrimp recovers after shedding its exoskeleton, facilitating a smooth transition
  • Breeding Aid: Supports female shrimp during egg guarding, increasing chances of successful reproduction
  • Organic Nourishment: Fosters growth of beneficial microorganisms like fine algae and bio-films, offering vital sustenance for your tiny shrimp

The aquavitro Shrimp Dome ensures your shrimp can live their best lives, protected from stressors while enjoying rich, natural diets.

Manufacturer: Aqueon
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Aquavitro Tall Shrimp Dome Aquarium Decoration
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