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Aqueon Shrimp Pellets for Bottom Feeding Fish 6.5oz

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Aqueon Shrimp Pellets for Bottom Feeding Fish 6.5oz

About The Shrimp Pellet Bottom Feeder Foods

Our Shrimp Pellet Bottom Feeder Foods are the perfect choice for bottom dwelling fish such as plecostomus, loaches, catfish and more. The Aqueon Pellets are designed to sink and dissolve slowly to continuously provide food that accommodates bottom-feeder's typical eating habits.

These pellets contain natural colors and ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients, ensuring a balanced diet for your aquatic friends. They are formulated so that fish utilize more of what they eat, creating less waste and supporting a healthy immune system. Plus, they bring out the true colors of your fish and provide the essentials for proper growth and vitality.

Our pellets are approximately 9mm in diameter and are ideal for Cory Catfish, Catfish, Loaches and South American Cichlids. Best of all, they will not cloud water when fed as directed.

Available in a 6.5 ounces - Shrimp Pellets size/style. Buy now and experience the satisfaction guarantee of our Shrimp Pellet Bottom Feeder Foods.

Manufacturer: Aqueon
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Aqueon Shrimp Pellets for Bottom Feeding Fish 6.5oz
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