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CalCal Bentonite Clay Supplement for pet birds 1.27lb

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CalCal Bentonite Clay Supplement for pet birds 1.27lb

Discover the HARI Clay-Cal Bentonite Clay Supplement, a unique product designed with your bird's health in mind. In the wild, birds such as parrots instinctively consume soil or clay, a process known as geophagia, to detoxify their digestive systems and supplement their diet.

Experts have observed this behavior in various species of wild parrots across the globe, including at the Manu Cliffs in Peru. Consuming clay provides essential minerals like calcium and helps eliminate dietary toxins.

Even in a safe domestic environment, pet birds can benefit from a detoxifier like HARI Clay- Cal. This product combines the detoxifying benefits of bentonite clay and charcoal with calcium.

  • Bentonite clay, specifically montmorillonite clay, has a superior ability to absorb toxins, binding toxic chemicals and bacteria.
  • Clay-Cal acts as an antacid, protecting the gut lining from corrosion and improving food intake by protecting the GI tract from chemical and biological irritation.
  • Pet birds regularly supplied with fresh tree branches for perching, chewing, and shredding activities can also benefit from Clay-Cal. While the wood source is safe, some tannins in the wood bark can contain secondary compound toxins.

Clay-Cal helps companion birds deal with possible toxins found in the branches. Its elevated pH level plays a critical role in the bird's ability to remain healthy and resist disease.

Household chemicals from floors, carpets, and cleaning agents, as well as possible pesticides and additives found on fresh fruits and vegetables, can expose birds to toxins. Genetically modified food items can also pose a risk. HARI Clay-Cal helps birds deal with these casual exposures that often go undetected in everyday life.

Let's not forget the calcium benefits. As seed diets are low in calcium, supplementing with calcium-enriched Clay-Cal helps with healthy bone development. Clay-Cal also supports the normal development and maintenance of the nervous system, muscle and cardiac functions, and blood clotting.

In conclusion, a healthy diet combined with a calcium-enriched supplement like Clay-Cal can significantly enhance the overall health and well-being of all companion bird species.

Dosage: As a daily supplement, mix or sprinkle 1 teaspoon of Living World Clay-Cal onto your pet Bird's favorite greens, vegetables or fruits. Moist food helps ensure the absorption of the clay, which increases the likelihood that the supplement is consumed. Alternatively, you can sprinkle or mix up to 2 teaspoons with extruded pellets or seeds. You can also sprinkle a small quantity on the bottom of the cage. Replenish the supplement at least 3 times/week. Replace when soiled. Ingredients: Bentonite (montmorillonite clay), calcium carbonate, charcoal. Guaranteed Analysis: Calcium 7.5% (min), Calcium 8.0% (max). Manufactured in a facility that packages products containing nuts.

Manufacturer: Hagen
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CalCal Bentonite Clay Supplement for pet birds 1.27lb
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