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Comfort Zone Cat Pheromone Calming Refill 2Pk

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Comfort Zone Cat Pheromone Calming Refill 2Pk

Does your feline friend turn into a furry fiend, peeing outside the litter box and shredding your furniture? Your cat may be stressed. Comfort Zone to the rescue!

Our drug-free diffusers give your cat a calming sense of home sweet home by filling the air with synthetic pheromones. It's like a chill pill for cats! No more urine spraying or destructive scratching when your cat feels safe and relaxed.

Comfort Zone is a must if you've brought home a new fur baby, moved to new digs, or rearranged your furniture. Such changes can stress kitty out. Plug a diffuser into every room your cat spends time in. Replace refills monthly and the diffuser yearly for continuous calming.

Vets recommend Comfort Zone for good reason. It's a safe, effective way to curb chaotic cat behavior. And the diffused pheromones won't affect dogs, birds, or other pets. Just cats.

Give your cat zen, not chaos. Get Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser today and save your belongings from kitty destruction! This 2-pack of refills keeps the calming vapors flowing for 30 days each. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Comfort Zone Cat Pheromone Calming Refill 2Pk
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