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ZooMed Turtle Flower Food Topper 40g (.21oz)

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ZooMed Turtle Flower Food Topper 40g (.21oz)

- Blue Cornflower
- Chamomile Flower
- Blue Mallow Flower
- Red Cornflower
- Rose Petal

- High in fiber
- Promotes a healthy gut
- Adds enrichment
- Stimulates activity levels

Looking to provide your turtles with a natural and nutritious diet? Look no further! Our Zoo Med “Tortoise and Box Turtle Flower Food Topper” is the perfect choice. These delightful flowers are packed with fiber, minerals, and vitamins, offering a fantastic source of nutrients for Sulcata, Russian, Pancake, Marginated, Leopard, Greek, Hingeback, Hermann’s, Star, Desert, Forsten’s, Red Foot, and Box Turtles.

Not only does the Flower Food Topper promote a healthy gut due to its high fiber content, but it also adds valuable enrichment to your turtles' daily meals. Stimulate their senses and potentially boost their activity levels with this flavorful and nutritious addition to their routine.

Manufacturer: Zoo Med
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ZooMed Turtle Flower Food Topper 40g (.21oz)
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