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Le Bol Lilac Small Designer Cat and Dog Bowl

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Le Bol Lilac Small Designer Cat and Dog Bowl


Indulge in the perfect fusion of aesthetics and durability with our exquisite lilac cat water bowl. Each element is meticulously crafted to form a stunning, resilient dish that seamlessly doubles as a decorative accent in your living space. The robust lilac stainless steel exterior harmonizes effortlessly with an interior ceramic-like material, showcasing a captivating purple hue crowned with a sleek glaze that simplifies maintenance.

The base of the lilac cat food bowl is thoughtfully equipped with a rubber foundation, ensuring stability and tranquility as your feline companion dines, sips, or frolics nearby.


At Loving Pets, our commitment to providing the utmost for your cherished pets is unwavering. Crafted in the USA, our treats adhere to stringent ingredient standards, reflecting our dedication to your pets' wellbeing. We firmly believe that the concept of wellness extends to the very dishes your pets use. Our cat bowls play a pivotal role in sustaining your cat's health-conscious lifestyle, complementing the nutritional choices you make.

The captivating ceramic-like interior transcends mere aesthetics; it boasts a bacteria-resistant coating that shields your cat from potential illnesses and allergens, reinforcing their safety and comfort. This bowl is 5.5-inches across, 2-inches tall, and holds about 16oz. Indoor use only.

Manufacturer: Loving Pets
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Le Bol Lilac Small Designer Cat and Dog Bowl
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