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Zilla Bark Blend Reptile Bedding 8 qt

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Description is below picture. Zilla Bark Blend Reptile Bedding 8 qt
Premium Bark Blend reptile bedding and litter made entirely from the natural ground bark of fir trees. This bark is specially heat treated to help eliminate potentially harmful parasites. Excellent for high-humidity loving reptiles.

Use bark litter for the following Reptiles:
Green Iguanas, Anoles, Gold Skinks, Prehensile Skinks, Day Geckos, Flying Geckos, House Geckos, Striped Geckos, Tokay Geckos, Indonesian Giant Tree Frogs, Ameiva Lizards, Basilisk Lizards, Long Tail Grass Lizards, adult Tiger Salamanders, toads, Tarantulas, Millipedes, Hermit Crabs, Water Dragons, Green Sailfin Dragons, Tree Boas (Emerald, Cooks, Garden, Green tree, Soloman Island), Anacondas and Blood Pythons.

Use Reptile Bark for the following Turtles:
Spiney Hill turtles, Asian Land Box Turtles and Box Turtles such as the Three Toed, Eastern, Ornate and Gulf Coast Turtle. All of these turtles can live on Naturebark. However, when feeding your turtle, you must feed them in a separate terrarium or container that has no bedding material or substrate that your turtle could ingest.

Manufacturer: Zilla
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Zilla Bark Blend Reptile Bedding 8 qt
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