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Adams Flea & Tick Yard Spray

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Adams Flea & Tick Yard Spray
Adams Yard Spray by Farnam kills fleas and ticks in residential/commercial lawns and backyards. Adams Yard Spray is a concentrate that makes 36 gallons of spray. Emulsifiable concentrate for use with a hose-end sprayer. Adams Yard Spray treats 6,000 square feet. Also kills deer ticks which my transmit Lyme disease.

Directions for use: Use this concentrate in a hose-end sprayer. Attach to sprayer and spray as recom-mended. For best results, lawn should be mowed a day or two before spraying. Spray using a slow, even sweeping motion, being sure to cover the entire lawn surface where the pets will normally frequent. Spray under ornamentals and trees, but avoid soaking young or flowering plants. Repeat treatments may be necessary at 7 to 14 day intervals. Kills on contact the "ixodes dammini" tick (deer tick), which transmits lyme disease. Also kills foraging fire ants upon direct contact. A registered fire ant mound treatment should also be used in conjunction with this product. Keep pets and children out of the treated area until after the spray has dried. Do not spray animals.

Active Ingredient: (s) cyano(3-phenoxyphenyl)methyl-(S)chloro-alpha-(1methylethyl) benzeneacetate.

Net Wt. 16oz

Manufacturer: Adams
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Adams Flea & Tick Yard Spray
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