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Arcata Pet Supplies is located in the heart of the Redwood Forest. Locals jokingly refer to our location as "living behind the Redwood Curtain". Being so far North and along the coast, we experience wet winters and foggy summers but we think it is a good trade off for a more relaxed way of life. The town of Arcata is a community of 15,000 residents at the north end of Humboldt Bay on California's north coast and is also the home of Cal Poly Humboldt.

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The store first opened in 1972 under the name of Arcata Aquarium. It was a small aquarium store. The current owners, Don and Joy, were two of that store's first employees. In 1976 Don and Joy took over the business and added a few products for other animals to the shop's inventory. As the store evolved, small animals and birds were soon added as was the name Arcata Pet.

In 1984 we were one of the first retail pet stores to stop selling and supporting the wild bird trade. We maintained our own breeding collection of Blue and Gold Macaws, Amazon Parrots, African Greys, Cockatoos and Caiques right here in our store. As we have become more supply oriented, our breeding stock has been sold or sent to live in retirement with our employees.

Being located in a small town, we take pride in offering our online customers the same small town pet store service that our local customers have come to appreciate and expect. Many of our local customers have been shopping with us since we started as a small fish and aquarium store so many years ago, making them part of the Arcata Pet family. We hope that you, our online customers, will also join our family.

As we are a real pet store, we have real people running the show and thought you would like to meet the staff at Arcata Pet:

Meet the staff

DanDan - General Manager - Certified Avian Specialist- Dan has been with Arcata Pet since May of 1989, and has worked in the retail pet industry since 1984. Dan and his partner share their home with their 3 dogs and 2 Parrots; Daquita the Jack-huahua, Twyla and Shayla the Whippet Lurchers, Perrin the Congo African Grey Parrot and Duncan the Rose Breasted Cockatoo. Dan is an active member in the Lost Coast Kennel Club FASTCAT, National Finch and Softbill Society, Avicultural Society of America, American Federation of Aviculture and the Organization of Professional Aviculturists
Chris Chris K.- Sales Manager. Having relocated to Humboldt County with his two daughters from Bakersfield, CA. Chris became our Internet Manager in 2003. With past experience running his own aquarium store and managing the aquatics department at Walmart, he became a valuable asset to Arcata Pet. Chris has since earned a degree in Internet Technology. When not at Arcata Pet, he enjoys spending time with family and walking the beach with his chihuahua Koby and his Labradoodle, Finnegan.
Jeremy Jeremy - Floor Manager A North Carolina transplant, Jeremy has been with Arcata Pet since 2003. He earned his degrees in English and History, with a minor in CIS from Humboldt State University in 2000. He currently shares his life with his dog, Otto and 2 rescued leopard geckos.
Nick Nick B. - Floor Supervisor,- Certified Avian Specialist - Began working at Arcata Pet in 2008. A Humboldt native, he moved to Tuscon Arizona in 2010 and returned in 2012 after realizing there is no place like home. Nick brings extensive knowledge of reptiles and amphibians to our local customers and internet customers; not to mention his excellent sense of humor. Nick shares his home with his Cat "Bender", 2 Green Tree Pythons, 2 Mountain Tortoises, and a reef tank.
Kristen Kristen
William William - Certified Aquatics Specialist
Mel Mel moved up to Humboldt County in January of 2020 from SoCal to pursue a degree in Zoology from HSU. They currently live with their two cats, a bearded dragon, leo, a king snake, a sand boa, a red knee turantula, and a chinchilla. Mel hopes to become a veterinarian and open an exotic animal rescue.
Ayla Ayla
Peter Peter
Stuart Stuart
Kaitie Kaitie
Ashlee Ashlee
Don and Joy Don and Joy - Owners - Don and Joy met while attending Humboldt State Univeristy in the early 70's where they both were going to school. In 1976 they purchased the then-named Arcata Aquarium, having worked for the original owner for a short while. Don has a degree in Political Science and Joy has hers in Animal Behavior. Joy is an avid gardener and cat lover but her constant companion is her Golden Retriever, Nikki. Don is the brains behind Arcata Pet and He designed, developed and maintains all aspects of the point-of-sale and internet software used at Arcata Pet. Don and Joy retired from "behind the counter" work at Arcata Pet in 2002, but still maintain an interest in our shenanigans.

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