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Once called Arcata Aquarium, Arcata Pet maintains a large number of tanks with the goal of providing quality fish, plants and accessories to our local customers. If you are in the neighborhood, stop in and look at our setup. Below you can find a large selection of accessories to help you customize your aquarium habitat, and keep it healthy.
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Aquarium Additives and Conditioners
Aquar Additives and Conditioners

Aquarium Air Equipment
Aquar Air Equipment

Aquarium Books and Magazines
Aquar Books and Magazines

Aquarium Cleaners
Aquar Cleaners

Aquarium Filters and Pumps
Aquar Filters and Pumps

Aquarium Foods
Aquar Foods

Aquarium Heating
Aquar Heating

Aquarium Lights and Bulbs
Aquar Lights and Bulbs

Aquarium Medications
Aquar Medications

Aquarium Miscellaneous
Aquar Miscellaneous

Aquarium Ornaments
Aquar Ornaments

Aquarium Pond Products
Aquar Pond Products

Aquarium Test Equipment
Aquar Test Equipment

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