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Bird Brainers Mini Spools and Beads Bird Toy

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Bird Brainers Mini Spools and Beads Bird Toy
Toys are critical to your parrot's physical and mental well-being. This fun and interesting Mini Spools and Beads bird toy will help alleviate boredom in your pet bird. Small wooden beads in several shapes and colors are threaded along a central metal wire, with a small preening rope in the middle and a silver bell on the bottom (bell is approximately 1-inch tall and 1-1/4-inch wide) Toy has a quick clamp for easy attachment. Overall size is approximately 7 inches long. These toys are hand made and no two are exactly alike so pieces may vary. Great size toy for Cockatiels, Conures, Meyers Parrots, Senegals, and other small parrots.

Manufacturer: North American Pet
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Bird Brainers Mini Spools and Beads Bird Toy
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