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Lion Box Wood and Rope Large Parrot Chew Toy

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Lion Box Wood and Rope Large Parrot Chew Toy
Liven up your parrot's day by promoting play with the Lion Box bird toy from Jungle Toys. Four rows of wood squares are stacked and contained between 2 larger squares of natural wood. All are threaded through a knotted sisal rope. Sisal rope is not treated with chemicals (i.e. oil, water repellents, wax, etc.) It is brittle, shreds nicely and is the safest type of rope to use for bird toys. A quick clamp is provided for easy attachment. Approximately 6.5 x 3.5 inches. All wood is colored with human grade USDA approved food coloring and untreated with chemicals except for Nolvasan (a disinfectant safe for birds).

Manufacturer: Jungle Bird Toys
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Lion Box Wood and Rope Large Parrot Chew Toy
UPC: 810005002349

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