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JW Slow Feed Dog Food Water Bowl Jumbo

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JW Slow Feed Dog Food Water Bowl Jumbo
This slow feed bowl was designed specifically to increase the amount of time it takes dogs to "wolf" down their food and therefor slow rapid eating. Rapid eating can lead to health problems as minor as indigestion or as serious as the condition known as bloat which can often be fatal. The longer a dog takes to eat its food the better it is for the dog's digestion.

JW Slow Feed bowls have 4 raised bars that extend from the edge of the bowl and force the dogs to eat more slowly by making it difficult to grab large mouthfuls of kibble.

Color may vary. Jumbo bowl measures 3 3/4 inches tall, 11 inches wide across the top of the bowl, and 13 inches across the bottom.

Thermoplastic coating on the bottom helps prevent the bowl from skidding as the dog eats.

Manufacturer: JW Pet
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JW Slow Feed Dog Food Water Bowl Jumbo
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