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Living World Clay-Cal Clay Mineral Supplement for Birds 35oz

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Living World Clay-Cal Clay Mineral Supplement for Birds 35oz
Living World Clay-Cal contains bentonite clay, specifically montmorillonite clay with superior cation properties. Living World Clay-Cal is especially milled for parrot and passerine consumption and is combined with charcoal as well as calcium, a necessary mineral for companion birds.

Clay Cal Benefits

  • As an alkalizing agent, Living World Clay-Cal elevates the Ph factor in digestive system to promote good health and resist disease.
  • Living World Clay-Cal offers calcium supplement for healthy bones and body tissue development.
  • Living World Clay-Cal is especially good for birds needing more calcium in their diets.
  • Living World Clay-Cal has the capacity to absorb toxic secondary compounds and impurities widely distributed in plant foods and in the bird's environment.*
Who Needs Living World Clay-Cal?
Living World Clay-Cal is suitable for all companion birds-pets or breeding birds: parrots to finches. Living World Clay-Cal is especially suitable for Parrots and Passerines exposed to household toxins. Egg Laying Females benefit from the calcium in Living World Cay-Cal.

How to serve:
Dosage: As a daily supplement, sprinkle a teaspoon of Living World Clay-Cal on your bird's favorite greens, fruits or veggies. Moist foods helps ensure the absorption of the clay, which increases the likelihood that the supplement is consumed. Alternatively you can sprinkle or mix up to 2 teaspoons with extruded pellets or seeds.

Living World Clay-Cal can be sprinkled on the cage floor for foraging consumption. Replenish the supplement at least 3 times per week. Replace when soiled.

*Examples of toxins that our birds are exposed to would be man-made toxic chemical and bacteria, fungal toxins found in foods. Also genetically manufactured foods, non-organics.

Manufacturer: Hagen
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Living World Clay-Cal Clay Mineral Supplement for Birds 35oz
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