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Novaqua Plus 16 ounce Aquarium Water Conditioner

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Novaqua Plus 16 ounce Aquarium Water Conditioner
Tap water conditioner, removes Chlorine, Zinc and Copper. Adds protective skin coating and electrolytes.

NovAqua+ is a unique combination of electrolytes, inorganic salts, buffering system, reducing agents (dechlorinators), synthetic polymers, vitamins, product stabilizers, and herbal extracts containing polysaccharides, alkylamides, and phenolics -- all of which variously produce highly desirable results in freshwater and marine systems for keeping fishes, invertebrates and plants alive and healthy.

For fresh or saltwater. 16 oz treats 960 gallons of water.

Manufacturer: Kordon
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Novaqua Plus 16 ounce Aquarium Water Conditioner
UPC: 048054331565

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