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Soft Fit Muzzle Orange XSmall 4-1/4-inch

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Soft Fit Muzzle Orange XSmall 4-1/4-inch

This soft-fit muzzle is made of breathable mesh and durable nylon. Features an adjustable slider and buckle closure that make muzzling quick and easy.

This muzzle is designed as a temporary restraint. Never leave your muzzled dog unattended as prolonged use can affect your dog's panting, or natural ability to cool itself.

How to fit your Dog Muzzle

  • Measure around your dog's snout, just behind the nose
  • Place your finger under the measuring tape to make sure there is enough space for your dog to be comfortable
  • Fit the muzzle on your dog. Test by running your finger inside the nose band. Your dog must be able to pant and have free tongue movement.
    Manufacturer's Sizing Recommendation
    Size Circumference Behind Nose Breed Example
    XXS 3-inches Chihuahua
    Toy Poodle
    XS 4.25-inches Mini Dachshund
    Mini Poodles
    Jack Russel
    Sm 5-inches Mini Schnauzer
    Med 5.75-inches Cocker Spaniel
    Springer Spaniel
    Lg 7-inches Doberman
    XL 8.5-inches German Shepard
    Labrador Retriever
    XXL 10.5-inches Great Dane
    Saint Bernard

    Manufacturer: RC Pet Products
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    Soft Fit Muzzle Orange XSmall 4-1/4-inch
    UPC: 778810855256

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