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Pigeon Numbered Leg Bands White Size 6 Numbered 1-25

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Pigeon Numbered Leg Bands White Size 6 Numbered 1-25
Plastic Bandettes - Size 6, Box of 25, Numbered 1-25

These colored spiral leg bands are made of celluloid (plastic) and have large black numbering for easy reading. Leg banding is helpful for keeping track of similar looking birds in your flock and is a requirement for most APA and ABA sanctioned poultry shows. Most places only sell leg bands in boxes of 25, but we know that some of our customers don't need that many so we sell them individually.

Size 6 has an inside measurement of 3/8 inches. Sizing is never exact, but may fit the following types of birds: Pigeons (Show Homers, English Carriers, Carneaux, English Pouters, Hungarian Kings, Modains, Feather Legged Toys), adult Ringnecks, Chukars, wild Geese (4-10 wks.), Wood Ducks, Gadwall, Pintails, Prairie Chickens.

Manufacturer: A&A Legband Company
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Pigeon Numbered Leg Bands White Size 6 Numbered 1-25
UPC: 053176808192

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