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Cockatiel Starter Cage White 18.25x14x27.25-inch

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Cockatiel Starter Cage White 18.25x14x27.25-inch

If you are looking for a quality bird cage for your new cockatiel or another medium sized bird, you might want to check out Cockatiel Starter Cage White. This bird cage has everything you need to create a cozy and fun environment for your feathered friend. It has a stylish white square design that offers plenty of space and ventilation. It has a large front door that allows you to easily interact with your bird, and a pull out tray that simplifies cleaning. It also has food and water dishes, wooden perches, and a swing that provide the basic necessities for your bird’s comfort and stimulation.

But that’s not all. Cockatiel Starter Cage White also comes with some extra accessories and supplies that will make your bird feel welcome and pampered. These include perch covers that protect your bird’s feet from getting sore, a kabob bird toy that entertains your bird with different textures and shapes, a cuttlebone that provides your bird with calcium and helps keep their beak trim, a flavored mineral treat that rewards your bird and supports their health, and a cement perch that helps maintain your bird’s nail length. These items are specially selected for cockatiels and other medium sized birds, and they will enhance your bird’s happiness and well-being.

Cockatiel Starter Cage White is easy to assemble, and it measures 18.25" x 14" x 27.25". It is a great choice for beginners who want to start their bird-keeping journey with a comprehensive and quality bird cage.

Manufacturer: Penn Plax
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Cockatiel Starter Cage White 18.25x14x27.25-inch
UPC: 030172016240

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