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Papa Lacey Made in the USA Toy for Large Birds

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Papa Lacey Made in the USA Toy for Large Birds

The Papa Lacey toy is perfect for large birds! Multi-colored rope twists knotted together at both ends. Leather "laces" are spaced along the middle braid. Sure to provide your large sized pet bird with hours of entertainment and excitement.

Toy is approximately 24 x 4-inches. Because these toys are hand-made, colors and components may vary slightly from the image, but your bird will still love their toy!

Avian Specialties is a American, family owned and operated business in Florida. They have been hand-making bird toys since 1988! By manufacturing here in the good 'ol USA, Avian Specialties has complete control over the raw materials used in making their toys. For instance, all dyes are US FDA approved food dyes. This is not the cheapest way to make bird toys, but it ensures that you don't harm your bird when you're trying to help them.

Manufacturer: Avian Specialties
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Papa Lacey Made in the USA Toy for Large Birds
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