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Penn Plax Super Battery Aquarium Vacuum

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Penn Plax Super Battery Aquarium Vacuum

The Super Battery Vac Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner is a tool that every aquarium owner should own. Using battery power, it will create a siphon for water changes - just attach a length of 1/2-inch flexible tubing (not included). No more swallowing aquarium water! However, where the Super Battery Vac really shines, is its ability to vacuum the aquarium substrate, without changing water. This is an excellent feature for cleaning up uneaten food and other debris between water changes. In addition to the gravel attachment, the Super Battery Vac includes a algae scraper attachment and a nozzle for crevices and corners.

Telescoping tube adjusts from 15 to 21-inches (below water, with gravel attachment). Includes gravel attachment, algae scraper attachment, nozzle attachment, and reusable filter bag. Flexible hose and batteries are NOT included. Requires two C batteries for operation.

Manufacturer: Penn Plax
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Penn Plax Super Battery Aquarium Vacuum
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