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Saltwater Refractometer with Case

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Saltwater Refractometer with Case

Introducing the Saltwater Refractometer with Case, a precision instrument designed to measure the salinity levels of various environments. This refractometer is perfect for use with saltwater aquariums, marine monitoring, and even the world's oceans.

  • It features Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) that allows for accurate readings outdoors when the temperature is between 50°F-86°F(10°C-30°C).
  • The measuring range is impressive, with salinity ranging from 0-100 ‰ and Specific Gravity from 1.000 to 1.070.
  • The minimum scale is equally precise, with salinity at 1 ‰ and Specific Gravity at 0.001.
  • Resolution is key, with salinity at ±1‰ and Specific Gravity at 0.001 mm.

But it's not just about the refractometer. The package includes:

  • A Salinity Refractometer
  • A Mini-screwdriver for adjustments
  • A Pipette for sample collection
  • A Wiping cloth for maintenance
  • An English Instruction manual for ease of use
  • A sturdy Plastic Case for safe storage

Whether you're into aquariums, marine monitoring, agriculture, gardening, or education, the Saltwater Refractometer with Case is an invaluable tool.

Manufacturer: Aquarium Systems
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Saltwater Refractometer with Case

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