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SmartyKat Window Wobbler Cat Toy

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SmartyKat Window Wobbler Cat Toy

Cats love their alone time. It's in their nature to stalk and hunt independently. But for house cats, outlets for solitary play are limited. Cue the SmartyKat Window Wobbler! This genius suction cup cat toy attaches to your window, allowing kitty to bat, pounce and play on her own terms.

The feathered toy wobbles and bounces with your cat's every swat, providing hours of solo entertainment. She can hone her predatory skills to her heart's content, without you lifting a finger.

SmartyKat designs all products with your feline's needs in mind. The Window Wobbler promotes exercise, hunting instinct, mental stimulation and stress release. But it also allows for relaxation and comfort when playtime is over.

Fun and innovation are top priorities. Safety and eco-friendly materials are never an afterthought. Treat your favorite furball to some quality alone time. The Window Wobbler keeps her happily occupied so you can focus on you.

Manufacturer: SmartyKat
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SmartyKat Window Wobbler Cat Toy
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