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Zilla Under Tank Terrarium Heater 30-40 gallon

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Zilla Under Tank Terrarium Heater 30-40 gallon

Bring a slice of the desert home with the Zilla Terrarium Heat Mat. These sleek black heat mats use advanced carbon fiber technology to warm your reptile's habitat, allowing them to thermoregulate their body temperature just as they would in the wild.

Unlike bulky under tank heaters, Zilla's thin profile heat mats stick directly onto the terrarium wall with a strong adhesive backing. The carbon fiber construction heats evenly across the entire mat, eliminating any frustrating hot spots that could harm your pet. It uses less energy than traditional heating methods, with no wires that could become pinched or broken under your terrarium decor.

With a maximum temperature of 113°F, you can rest easy knowing the Zilla Heat Mat will never overheat. Your reptile can move closer or farther from the mat as needed, creating the ideal temperature gradient for full health and activity.

Whether you have a small desert dweller or a large tropical lizard, Zilla has thoughtfully designed three sizes of Terrarium Heat Mats to accommodate terrariums from 10 to 40 gallons. Bring the heat while saving energy and space in your reptile's home.

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Zilla Under Tank Terrarium Heater 30-40 gallon
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