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API Water Softener Pillow Size 5

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API Water Softener Pillow Size 5

API's Water Softener Pillow removes calcium, magnesium and soluble heavy metal ions including iron and copper from your aquarium's water. This pillow is fully rechargeable and one bag can treat up to 20 gallons. The pouch is extremely helpful when trying to lower a tank's GH. Best for use with freshwater aquariums.

To recharge, rinse pillow under tap water. Dissolve 3 tablespoons of aquarium salt in 7 oz of water. Soak in salt-water mix for 2 hours and then place in path of water flow in the filter. A second rinsing is not necessary. Pouches are active for 48 hours, after which they should be recharged.

The Water Softener Pillow can be reused up to 4 times before they should be replaced.

Manufacturer: Aquar Pharmaceut
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API Water Softener Pillow Size 5
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